Joyful Life in Leadership

Coach Liz Story

​Over 20 years as a healthcare leader, coach & entrepreneur, combined with the gift of being a wife & mother, I know first-hand the importance of purpose, vision & prioritization.

Losing my father at the age of 60 of a rare brain disease & my mother at the age of 70 of a brain aneurysm, I know the value of embracing each day & inspiring others to do the same.

Coaching businesses, teams & leaders to great success & award-winning outcomes, I've learned that continuous reflection is key to success.


I believe what got you here won't get you to the next level.  Leaders & organizations must continue to adapt & transform to maximize ongoing success.

Helping leaders, teams & businesses achieve greatness is my passion.  Contributing to a healthier, happier world is my mission.  

Success requires a new vision, willingness to change, & investment to make it happen!


Let's get started today & advance

you, your team, & your business into greatness!

Liz Dean, Executive Coaching in the Healthcare industry

What differentiates Liz from other consultants & coaches is her

extreme optimism & unwavering passion

for her clients' success combined with exceptional processes for proven results.

It is an honor to coach Executives, Physicians & Teams

to greater joy & even award-winning solutions.


For over 25 years, Liz has helped organizations grow and succeed through strategic marketing, leadership development & innovation. Hailed as a pioneer for healthcare innovation by the American Hospital Association, Dean served on their innovation collaboration representing 25 of the country’s top healthcare innovative leaders. In addition, Liz served as one of a few U.S. innovation healthcare leaders in the Canadian Technology Accelerator, helping Canadian digital health companies with market expansion into the U.S.

​Other Accomplishments:

  • Built several innovative service lines with top surgeons and medical teams

  • Developed strategies for digital innovation including start-ups

  • Coached and facilitated numerous teams to exceed goals with purpose

  • Developed several award-winning innovations to improve health & patient experience

  • Coached numerous executives & leaders to promotions & optimal success

  • Designed hundreds of successful marketing campaigns that supported significant gains in market share and revenue